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ACVILELE ALBE / Marina Albu.

ACVILELE ALBE or How to Make Sense of Void by Marina Albu

The radical artist movement ACVILELE ALBE lived and worked in Bucharest, between 1945-1948, in the building in Dr. Felix Street no.88, called by the members THE INCUBATOR.

Vicenzio David, Aldous Luke, Hortensia Sandu,
Emilian Toader, Iza Damian, Bernard Basalici, Ivan Deatcu, Sabina Tesoiu,
Corneliu Dima are those who could be identified as beeing part of the group, but it is said that there have been around 70 artists, philosophers and writers
involved in the movement.

You can find the beginning of this research and some documentation as part of the Cities Methodologies Exhibition.

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