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Closing event of the Browsing::Internet Archaeology.

Atelier 35 invites you to the closing event of the Browsing::Internet Archaeology:: exhibition this Saturday, 11th of December, 20h00 – 22h00.


Anca Stirbacu is a 22-year-old youngling, based in Bucharest, Romania. After studying Interface Culture (Linz) and playing in paparazzi training center with robobugsfromouterspace, gorillachestdrummers and pianolegobracelets, she returns with fresh ASCII visuals, haunting music and Snap 2.0, a catchy interactive installation/surveillance system made in collaboration with Tiago Martins.

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B *R* O* W* S* I* N* G
Internet Archaeology

Atelier 35 invites you to the vernacular netscapes brought to life by the Internet Archaeology surfing junkies, file type explorers, on and offline artists. The exhibition collects different approaches to internet surfing, both as an artistic practice and as a personal investigation into the history of web aesthetics.

“Internet Archaeology seeks to explore, recover, archive and showcase the graphic artifacts found within earlier Internet Culture. Established in 2009, the chief purpose of Internet Archaeology is to preserve these artifacts and acknowledge their importance in understanding the beginnings and birth of an Internet Culture.”

Participating artists
: Tabor Robak, Ryder Ripps, Jacob Broms Engblom, Benjamin Lotan, Arran Ridley, Hector Llanquin, Scott Ostler, Kacie Kim, Alli Crawford, Jerónimo Jiménez, Joel Ritch

Curators: Silvia Saitoc & Matei Samihaian

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